We all live somewhere, and it’s this simple thought that drives our community involvement. SWI is committed to being a responsible member of the business world, and the community at large. Environmental responsibility and sustainability are key drivers in our day to day operations, and we make it a point to give back to the community. Being involved on a local level makes us a stronger company overall.

To give a specific example that we are extremely proud of, we have been involved with the Yangguang Student Society, which is a local charity organization, since 2010. This remarkable organization has provided support to over 3,000 children in China, assisting them in getting an education. The investment made in young people today pays off handsomely tomorrow, as key members of our future (and well-educated) workforce are likely attending school right now, in classes the Yangguang Student Society (and SWI) helped facilitate.

About the Environment

We also realize environmental concerns are forefront today, and we understand that treating our planet with the respect it deserves is truly the only option we have. We remain a leader in this respect, and look to continually meet and exceed environmental regulations, and set a standard as an example of a company that handles environmental concerns responsibly.

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