A technology that helps to digitally display the readings on a medium such as a digital watch, computer,calculator, television is known as liquid crystal display orLCD. In this system liquid crystal film is enclosed between two layers of glass. The Liquid crystal used in these display are mainly known for changing its light modulating properties when shown to small electric currents. LCD devices can be operated with two ways such as electricity operated or battery operated. These screens have the ability of showingrandom images in a variation of colors. Using a single LCD screen is not sufficient in some cases; anoperatorwants a complete LCD module comprehensive with auxiliary components.

Uses of LCD technology

These devices are used where picturesare needed to be shownand it can benefit from the use of an LCD screen. There are some places where you can find modules arebeing used.

These modules are mainly used in Hand-held electronics.  LCDs can be bringing into being in a countless of hand-held devices such as portable computers,mobile phones,and tabletsand many more devices. There uses can also be seenin digital compasses andin digital wrist watches. These devices can reducepictures in full-color and with flawlessclearness. For these reasons only they are preferred in such devices.

Since LCD panels produce no light of their own, they require external light to produce a visible image. In a “trans-missive” type of LCD, this light is provided at the back of the glass “stack” and is called the backlight. While passive-matrix displays are usually not backlit (e.g. calculators, wristwatches), active-matrix displays almost always are.


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